In an earlier put up I addressed the great web sites for booking hostels. Now I want to do something similar with condo shares.

“first-class apartment Sharing websites

In an earlier put up I addressed the great web sites for booking hostels. Now I want to do something similar with condo shares. there are numerous eventualities where someone would possibly search for their own room/condo over a hostel. Frankly, privacy stands out, because the most inexpensive alternatives in a hostel regularly have you ever in a room with eight different humans. above all, even though, whilst you’ve been traveling on the street for awhile, every now and then it’s fine simply to have an area to call your very own (even supposing it is most effective for some days).

We start the identical way we did ultimate – the condominium web sites we are going to overview are

The (faux) Request

vicinity: Berlin, Germany
Dates: Sept 6th – Sept 9th 2012
guests: 2



effects: 2808

Lowest general charge: $65 ***after $7 reserving rate*** (Ranked 1 in again results)

what’s brilliant right here is that the price shown is representative of the whole package. If they are saying $20 a night, it’s $20 a night, no longer $20 for the first night time and $forty for the following nights. At 2800 effects, over 10x what become again frmo the hostel websites, there’s an amazing variety.

capability: in addition to what we see within the hostels websites this receives right to the factor with all the necessary sort functions and search filters. The amenities are referred to as out one at a time, without a doubt, and coherently. The charge marketed in the search consequences represents the going charge for that room for all days applicable on your stay, so there is no worry approximately a “”bait and switch”” state of affairs (wherein first night time price is lower than next nights). One issue that would be progressed is their review machine. maximum of the apartments have constrained reviews (probable because their are so many), so you handiest get to examine approximately one description for might also of the apartments.


consequences: 774

Lowest total fee: $a hundred and five ***after $eleven booking price*** (Ranked 1 in returned consequences)

just like air BNB in how it’s miles advertised but the booking fee is slightly better, and whilst compared to the typical hostel reserving charge of $2, it’s a lot higher.

capability: much similar to airbnb in phrases of what is displayed and the way it is displayed. I just like the cancellation coverage and the test in/out statistics as extras.


effects: 100s (did not say)

Lowest overall charge: $fifty six (Ranked 1 in returned effects)

subsequently, a internet site that simply straight tells you what the total fee is, inclusive of all additional costs, before you even click at the description. turned into it absolutely that tough? The only drawback is that it presentations it in euros and that i cannot seem to find a forex converter, not like the alternative websites, which normally have them constructed in.


effects: 659

Lowest overall fee: $a hundred (Ranked 1 in again results)

so far the least clear because the charge appears to be a chunk more of a variety. furthermore you can not ebook from the website, however as a substitute need to e-mail the owner to return to an settlement? That sounds almost love it can not be right, however I can’t find a ebook it button or some thing of the type…

functionality: The design isn’t as intuitive as a number of the others because before everything look it seems like it’s miles just one lengthy scroll down. Later you realize that there are tabs at the top which robotically direct you to the proper vicinity to view it, unleashing a wealth of facts. I supply this website online credit score for having an incredible amount of information at the apartments it advertises, it is simply not as smooth to get the dangle of proper away.


outcomes: 23

Lowest total charge: $169 (Ranked 1 in again consequences)

Given the lack of outcomes this website genuinely doesn’t have the numbers to compete on fee with the earlier ones.

functionality: they have a really quality function where it high lighting the apartment’s distance from nearby transportation facilities by way of taking walks, riding, and bus. other than that it’s the same we’ve visible basically anywhere else.


outcomes: 37

Lowest general charge: $124 ***$12 carrier rate*** (Ranked 1 in back consequences)

once more this lower back extensively much less consequences however there have been some locations that got here up that had been in my view reasonably priced (keep in mind these are rental rooms in Berlin for 2 humans)!

recommendation: Tie among Air BnB and

This pretty much comes down to the consequences and prices. those sites have figured out what human beings want to clear out and sort with the aid of and it’s basically a non-issue. sure, a few have a tendency to be more intuitive than others, and a few provide a few unique extras, however on the cease of the day I have to supply this to Air BnB and 9flats Clone for having so much variety and the bottom expenses.”